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Power of Attorney

No one likes to think about a time when they may not be able to make their own decisions. Sadly the issues are likely to affect every family at some time and can arise at any time of life.

The issues are relevant to an estimated 100,000 adults in Scotland at any one time.

What is a Power of Attorney?A Power of Attorney is a written document whereby an individual appoints someone else to act on their behalf.
What does it do?It lets you say who you want to look after your affairs and what you want your attorney to be able to do for you if you are incapable of doing so for yourself.
Is a POA for older people?No! Whilst we take a special interest in assisting the older generation, POA are by no means only for the elderly. Anyone at any time may benefit from the protection a POA offers if something unforeseen occurs.
What kind of things can I include?This is where seeking the advice of one of our Solicitors really comes into itís own. It is vital that a POA is personalised to your individual requirements. Most people include power relating to the property, finances and their personal welfare, however we recognise everyone has different requirements and aim to provide guidance tailored to suit your needs.
Who can I appoint as my attorney?This can be a family member, friend, a Solicitor, an Accountant or a combination of any of these. We recognise the choice of attorney is important and will advise what options are open to you.